KDWB Hmong parody song brings protesters to station's front door

KDWB has been forced to apologize again for that tasteless Hmong parody song aired by the "Dave Ryan in the Morning Show" crew a few weeks ago.

The latest mea culpa came as a crowd of protesters showed up outside the station's front doors on Friday morning carrying signs that demanded, "Stop Racism Now."


"We fully support the rights under the First Amendment of individuals to gather together and to express their thoughts and opinions. The March 22 song segment in no way reflects the values and viewpoints of our station. We recognize that it was inappropriate, and we have unequivocally apologized."

That's a more robust statement rejecting the song's stereotyping Hmong Americans as oversexed, poverty-stricken immigrants than the tepid one the station first issued when the backlash over the song first aired:

"Our listeners understand that The Dave Ryan in the Morning show is a comedy show meant to entertain, and that much of its content is parody. While we've received positive feedback from many Hmong listeners who let us know that they found the song in question very humorous, we apologize to anyone we may have inadvertently offended, as this was never our intent."

Three advertisers -- HealthPartners, AT&T and Blue Cross of Minnesota -- have now taken their business elsewhere after being disgusted with the way Ryan and his cohorts treated listeners they claim to have "inadvertantly offended."


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