KDWB Booty Cruise turns into lady fight on St. Croix River


KDWB's annual ladies-only Booty Cruise got a little catty this year on the St. Croix River. Police were called to the boat in Stillwater Thursday night after a fight broke out between a bunch of the booty-shaking women in attendance.

The women on the booze cruise apparently came for the wild dancing, male strippers, and KDWB DJ Dave Ryan. Swoon?

Five women were cited for disorderly conduct, but no one was arrested. Witnesses said some ladies had cuts and bruises, but nothing more serious. The Pioneer Press attempts a play-by-play, but we like leaving it up to the imagination. It's more fun that way. 

Why were the ladies throwing punches? Someone from the boat company thought it was "something about a shoe". Another person said it was a race-related brawl. 

Check out all the sexy ladies in the KDWB photo galleries. We'll just say there was more than one reason you should be thankful you didn't spend the night on that boat. Don't mind us as we go rinse our eyes out with bleach.