Kaydi Hooey, 13, concussed by deer hit and run during soccer practice

Said Hooey: "This is a story I can tell when I'm in the nursing home!"
Said Hooey: "This is a story I can tell when I'm in the nursing home!"

Kaydi Hooey, a 13-year-old Two Harbors resident, was the victim of a hit and run last Thursday. The perpetrator? A deer.

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Hooey has handled the situation with an admirable amount of humor and good cheer, but the fact is she was hurt pretty badly -- she sustained a concussion, suffered muscle spasms, and was left with bumps and bruises.

The Duluth News Tribune explains how it happened:

The 13-year-old junior varsity soccer player was running Thursday with her team along a trail behind the baseball field at Two Harbors High School when she heard the girls around her start to scream.

"I heard something behind me and I turned around and it hit me," reported Hooey. "I was like, 'Oh my God, did this happen to me?'"

What happened to her was a deer ran into her "like a football tackle," in her mother's words.

"She was hit in the lower back, lifted off her feet, carried a short distance and fell to the ground," Janis Hooey said in an e-mail. "The deer continued into the woods."

Hooey played down her injuries until her mom picked her up. As concerned moms are wont to do, Janis took one look at her daughter's gashed back and decided she needed to go to the emergency room. While being treated in the ER, Kaydi posted this epic Facebook status: "I was swept off my feet by a deer, dumped and now am heartbroken."

That's some pretty funny stuff, coming from a 13-year-old who just got trampled by a wild animal and as a result will have to hang up her soccer cleats for a little while.

Maybe the berzerk deer that left part of downtown Moorhead in ruins last May have migrated east?

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