Katherine Watson shops Walgreens in a thong and whipped cream

Katherine Watson mistakes Moorhead for a biker Mecca
Katherine Watson mistakes Moorhead for a biker Mecca

Katherine Margaret Watson says that if she'd tried shopping in Sturgis wearing nothing but a thong, pasties and whipped cream, no one would have batted an eyelid.

But the 37-year-old woman had the questionable judgment to pull that move in Moorhead, a place that no one is going to mistake for a high plains biker town.

She just shuffled in around dinner time on Sunday doing her best Lady Gaga and stood there in line to pay for shaving cream. But instead of being hailed as a brazen biker chick, she was handed a towel and asked to have a little modesty.

Watson told the police she was a free-thinking non-conformist. She didn't want people to give in to society's rules. The rules like covering your backside in more than whipped cream when you run errands.

Society's response? A citation for indecent exposure and a free ride home courtesy of the Moorhead Police Department.

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