Katherine Kersten's unhealthy fixation on Sasha Grey and Yale Sex Week

This is the face Katherine Kersten makes when she thinks about Sasha Grey having sex.

This is the face Katherine Kersten makes when she thinks about Sasha Grey having sex.

Subscribers who read the Star Tribune opinion section Sunday might well have wondered if they'd been delivered the Yale Daily News by mistake.

In a lengthy, sex-phobic screed, resident Republican schoolmarm Katherine Kersten got the vapors over Yale Sex Week and how it sends a mixed message to frat boys, who are also being told not to rape fellow co-eds.

But the worst part is, it isn't the first time Kersten carved out precious local newsprint to weigh in on Yale's biennial Sex Week. It's almost like she has an unhealthy fixation.
Take, for instance, Kersten's description of Sex Week speaker Sasha Grey in today's Star Tribune:

Grey's claim to fame is her insatiable appetite for being sexually brutalized. Among porn performers, she stands out for "her take-no-prisoners attitude toward the hardest of hard-core sex scenes and consensual degradation," according to the Los Angeles Times.

... Grey's predilection for violence is longstanding. According to Los Angeles magazine, in her first X-rated film--shortly after she turned 18--she turned to her partner and said, "Punch me in the stomach."

Grey feels "completed" by sexual degradation--being "smacked, slapped, yanked, and sodomized," she told the magazine. She likes "peeing, spit, vomit," and at the time of the interview was scheduled to fly to San Francisco, where her vagina would be electrocuted on film.

"I have a high threshold for pain," she said. "I love the energy, the passion, the enthusiasm in being degraded."

Her favorite scenes? "The best ... are when the men want to slap you around a little bit, when they want to pull your hair, when they want to smack your," um, derriere. "They're getting what they want, and I'm getting what I asked for. I guess I've just been blessed."

If graphic descriptions that lurid had appeared anywhere else, Kersten would be decrying it as filth. But in the Star Tribune, it's just a few pages away from the Sunday comics.

Strangely, this isn't even the first time Kersten has written  a column about Sasha Grey's speaking engagement at Yale. It was less than a year ago--back in March 2010--that Kersten last plowed this familiar terrain:

Sex Week's grand finale was a lecture by the 21-year-old Grey, described by the SWAY schedule as "one of the biggest names in porn." Grey is known for her on-screen performances of "consensual degradation," according to Los Angeles Magazine.

Kersten has obviously done some additional investigating since then--if by "additional investigating" you mean Googling the Los Angeles Magazine and copying and pasting a lot of sexxxy quotes.

The Star Tribune recently cut Kersten's column back to every other Sunday. If she continues to phone it in by recycling old columns about Yale, the Strib might as well get rid of her altogether.

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