Katherine Kersten is now in charge of racial diversity at our K-12 schools

Katherine Kersten, the conservative schoolmarm from the Star Tribune, has been appointed to a panel of 12 that will evaluate the use of state money to racially integrate schools.

Considering Kersten's well-known anti-diversity leanings, we're expecting she'll come to the conclusion that "separate but equal" wasn't really so bad. Perhaps some of the money could be used to install Whites-only drinking fountains?

What other great lessons will we learn from the Kersten Kurriculum? We skimmed her hysterical Star Tribune columns for indications of what kind of diversity "education" is in store for our children.

Kersten on Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is the world's largest nongovernment employer, because it's the world's most popular retailer. A mind-boggling more than 100 million Americans shop there every week.

Kersten on Liberals:

If the trajectory of epicurean liberalism continues, our democracy will be undermined.

Kersten on Teachers:

After indoctrination of this kind, who wouldn't conclude that the American Dream of equality for all is a cruel hoax? But just to make sure, the task force recommends requiring "our future teachers" to "articulate a sophisticated and nuanced critical analysis" of this view of the American promise.

Kersten on Marriage:

Once marriage is stripped of its organic purpose, why restrict it to two people? Two lesbians and the sperm donor for their child, polygamists, bisexuals: All will want society to recognize and respect their relationships.

Sasha Grey is Katherine Kersten's obsession.
Sasha Grey is Katherine Kersten's obsession.

Kersten on Porn Star Sasha Gray

Grey feels "completed" by sexual degradation--being "smacked, slapped, yanked, and sodomized," she told the magazine. She likes "peeing, spit, vomit," and at the time of the interview was scheduled to fly to San Francisco, where her vagina would be electrocuted on film.

And most importantly,

here's what Katherine Kersten thinks about racial integration in K-12 schools


Eden Prairie is one of a number of districts -- including Hopkins, Bloomington and Osseo -- where racial and income "balancing" is a growing issue. Orfield has proposed a "comprehensive strategy to integrate" the entire Twin Cities metro area.

Before Minnesota embarks on yet another grand experiment in wishful thinking and social engineering, we might listen to David Armor of George Mason University, who has studied busing and desegregation for 30 years. Districts that consider income-based busing plans "are undertaking policy shifts that bring great controversy and costs, with no solid evidence that this will improve education for anyone," he says.

Oddly, the Star Tribune wrote about the panel without mentioning that its columnist, Katherine Kersten, was appointed to it.  Perhaps they're hoping we'll forget?

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