Katherine Kersten Haiku Contest winners

class=img_thumbleft>Last week we asked readers of The Blotter, to try their hand at turning Kersten's prose into haiku (that's three-line verses with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third), taking as their fodder her 10/17 column on the Vikings' booty cruise and her 10/20 "money doesn't buy happiness" homily. We even promised prizes consisting of City Pages gear and movie promo swag to the winners.

Find out who won after the jump...

First prize: Being poor is fun. Look what it did for Jesus: condo in the sky!

Posted by: Kristine Harley

Second prize: Kinky Vikings are all YOUR fault, fornicators! Repent, culture fans!


Posted by: J. Hotch

Third prize: Scold Vikings? Hardly. Let's use logic of Limbaugh. Throw flag at lefties.

Posted by: Rocco

Behold, the sweet prizes your creative endeavors have brought you...

First prize: 2005 Picked to Click CD, plus copious volume of City Pages promo gear--belt buckle, shot glass, stocking cap, fire-breathing rodent t-shirt--and a War of the Worlds promo postcard set.

Second prize: 2005 Picked to Click CD, CP stocking cap, ABC's of Terrorism poster, useless dwarf-sized Into the Blue babydoll t-shirt, Exorcism of Emily Rose poster.

Third prize: City Pages stocking cap, Picked to Click CD, sheaf of CP promotional kerchiefs we couldn't get rid of, 3 promotional music DVD's we couldn't get rid of (suitable for skeet-shooting).

Congratulations to the winners and entrants!