Katherine Kersten continues jihad against TIZA in Wall Street Journal

Katherine Kersten just can't leave the "muslim school" controversy alone.

Just when you thought her jihad against Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy was over, the Nag from the North goes and writes an op-ed about it in the Wall Street Journal.

The piece, headlined "Charter Schools Shouldn't Promote Islam," points out all the many religious practices taking place at TIZA and argues that such actions wouldn't be tolerated if it was Catholicism being promoted on the public dime.

Here's her take on the controversy so far:

I've written just two columns critical of the school for the Star Tribune. But that was enough for State Rep. Mindy Greiling, the chairman of the Minnesota House of Representatives' K-12 Finance Committee, to publicly call for me to be fired from the newspaper.

After my columns appeared, the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union began an investigation, which is still underway. The Minnesota Department of Education also investigated. Its report, released last month, concluded that the school is breaking the law by holding Friday religious services on school grounds; that it should stop Muslim teachers' practice of praying with students at that service; and that it must provide bus transportation home before Islamic Studies classes let out.

But the report was flawed in important respects. Most significantly, it was silent about the school's close entanglement with the religious organization with which it is affiliated.

What Kersten doesn't note is that the controversy also inspired attacks on TIZA that made the teachers and the kids fear for their safety. If they thought it was bad when they were spotlighted in the Strib, they are about to experience a whole new level of attention now that the story is being splashed to every conservative in the country via the WSJ.

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