Kate Iverson on @RobyneRobinson account

This morning, we reported that a new Twitter account had emerged purportedly operated by Robyne Robinson, outgoing-Fox 9 News anchor and potential running mate for gubernatorial candidate Matt Entenza.

Questions about the legitimacy of that account arose after this tweet about City Pages editor Kevin Hoffman:

Rumor was out before CP said anything. Pioneer Press broke story. Kevin Hoffman is an asshat. Period.less than a minute ago via web

Robinson's publicist, Kate Iverson, was quick to announce via Twitter that the account was a fake:

@robynerobinson is NOT Robyne Robinson her real twitter is @Robynempls.less than a minute ago via web

Iverson then tweeted that the fake Robyne Robinson turned access over to her through an anonymous direct message on Twitter. The user seemed to be pro-Entenza, Iverson said later.

The whole thing is a little strange. Like how fake Robyne Robinson linked her(/his?) page to Rox Minneapolis, real Robyne Robinson's jewelry company. Or how Iverson -- who announced it was a fake account -- had retweeted a status from @RobyneRobinson earlier in the day.

Iverson declined to answer questions on the phone with City Pages, saying she was in a "dead zone" for cell reception. She would only answer questions submitted in advance through email, which we agreed to:

CP: When did you find out it was fake?

Iverson: Around 1pm, I received e-mails from a couple people asking if it was fake (re: the asshat comment), so I contacted Robyne and she had no idea about any of it. In the meantime, whoever had the acct dm'ed my @letoilemagazine acct saying they wanted to transfer the acct over to us and I gave him/her an email address to do so and they did. Weird series of events, but we have control of it now. CP: Why did you retweet a status from the fake account, if you knew it was fake?

Iverson: That's kind of funny. I didn't know it was fake at the time! Seemed tame enough, I just assumed she started a new Twitter since the once she tweets from @robynempls is not her name.

CP: Can you give us more details on how you came to control the handle?

Iverson: See my first answer. I don't think whoever created it was malicious. They claimed to not be officially affiliated with any political party. I have no actual name, but the email address indicated that they are pro-Entenza.

CP: Is Robyne going to start tweeting using the RobyneRobinson handle now that it is yours? Iverson: Not sure yet, have to talk to Robyne!

CP: Can you give us the email address of the user? Iverson: Sorry, I won't be giving it out. The person voluntarily handed over the account so I'm not going to make a big deal about it. We have control of the account now and there's no harm done. I did try to send an e-mail to that acct but there has been no response.

After a barrage of questions from curious reporters and spectators on Twitter, @RobyneRobinson's last tweet declined to give out anymore answers on the subject:

Attn: No more comments will be made via this Twitter account for the time being.less than a minute ago via web

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