Karl Rove escapes arrest at U of M and Mall of America


Karl Rove came. He spoke. He signed autographs. And he got away without getting arrested while promoting his first book, "Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight."

Code Pink has attempted citizen arrests of Bush's brain at stops in California. There were rumors of something similar happening here. No dice. At the Mall of America, activist Colleen Rowley pulled out some handcuffs, but she handed them over to authorities without a fuss.

Before MOA, Rove's first stop was a pep talk for the University of Minnesota College Republicans. About 100 people attended. There was a Q&A session and book signing. (Video after the jump.)

The Minnesota Daily account might be summarized as Bush: Good; Obama: Bad.

And this:

One attendee approached Rove posing as a supporter beginning by saying "I am alarmed by out of control government spending and I revere a long study of the constitution..."

But he shifted tones as he came closer adding "which is why I'm sort of amazed that you perpetrated not one, but two illegal wars that continue to cost over ten thousand American lives..."

The man was then tackled by a group of police officers and hand cuffed. The attendee was not charged and was released by officers after the event.

The Star Tribune reported that about a dozen people were escorted from the room.

From there it was on to the Mall of America, Colleen Rowley and an even smaller crowd of about 40, according to WCCO.

Esme Murphy asked him what he thought of Tim Pawlenty's chances as a potential presidential candidate in 2021.

"He's been a successful governor of a blue state, he's gotten elected twice in sort of difficult territory. He's done an excellent job and compiled a record. He'll be a formidable candidate if he wants to jump into it," Rove said.

And then he was gone.

Here's video from his U of M appearance, vie YouTube: