Karl-Anthony Towns, good, tall man, lets woman cut in line at airport [PHOTO]

Karl-Anthony Towns is even a gentleman at the airport. THE AIRPORT FOR GOD'S SAKE.

Karl-Anthony Towns is even a gentleman at the airport. THE AIRPORT FOR GOD'S SAKE.

 Anyone seen smiling at the airport should immediately be tackled by TSA agents and asked what they're up to. Maybe they're moments from getting away with murder by fleeing to a country without extradition back to this one. Maybe that bag of drugs they swallowed has burst. 

This is normally true, anyway, airports being, for most, a fountain of human misery.

In the case of Karl-Anthony Towns, NBA Rookie of the Year and very tall Twin Cities resident, he might actually be that nice of a guy, that he'd smile for a selfie with a Timberwolves fan -- and while he's on the phone, no less. 

And he let her cut in line in front of him.

(We'll give you a moment to recover.) 

A story to that effect, told in brief -- the photo does most of the work -- recently appeared on Reddit, where a user descibed his fiancee's interaction with Towns, who looks every bit of his 6-foot-11 frame in the picture. 


As Tom Kyle explains, his fiancee, Savannah Sleicher, was just making her way up the line, and wasn't even in an emergency, when KAT offered to let her go in front of him. The two were about to board the same flight to New Jersey, where Towns grew up.

As you'll notice, Sleicher was wearing a Wolves hat. (This hat choice also gives her something in common with 50 Cent.) That's about all you'll see of her: Sleicher and Towns only barely make it into the frame, and Kyle's pretty sure the basketballer's hunching over to make it happen. Sleicher's more than a foot and a half shorter than Towns.

According to Kyle, Sleicher says our new hometown hero was just "being a motherfucking gentleman" when he let her go ahead in line.

We could use more of that from our athletes -- and from the rest of us, at our airports.