Karin Housley calls using #MeToo for political power 'disgusting' [VIDEO]

Senate candidate Karin Housley is calling out what she sees as a big old double standard in the #metoo movement.

Senate candidate Karin Housley is calling out what she sees as a big old double standard in the #metoo movement. Fox News

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Karin Housley’s broad smile was firmly in place during the entirety of her recent interview with Sean Hannity, even as the Fox News anchor pronounced her first name three different ways over the course of a minute and a half.

“Kai-ren… Housley… is with us,” he said. “Karen, let’s talk about Keith Ellison and the double standard.”

Housley was happy to. The “double standard” in question was between DFL U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, currently a candidate for Minnesota Attorney General, and U.S. Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh. Both Ellison and Kavanaugh have been accused of abusive behavior, and both have spent recent days loudly denying denying wrongdoing and half-daring people to investigate them.

Housley, on Hannity, called out her opponent, DFL U.S. Sen. Tina Smith, for taking Ellison's side and continuing to "campaign with Ellison" despite ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan's claims.

“The Democrats don’t want to talk about this when it’s allegations against somebody in their own party, they’re using this 'me too' movement to their advantage to get power,” she said. 

Hannity furrowed his brow. Shouldn’t we get the FBI to investigate Ellison, he asked?

“And Bill Clinton, even?," Hannity added, finally bringing up a man who's not running for anything and banned by the U.S. Constitution from seeking another term in the last office he held.

“Absolutely,” Housley said. “Democrats don’t want it when it’s one of their own… but when it’s one of ours, absolutely, everybody jumps on it.”

In fact, the Minnesota DFL Party has hired an attorney to investigate Ellison’s case, and has so far been unable to substantiate Monahan’s claims. Republicans see this as feeble posturing on the Democrats’ part.

Housley continued: It was “absolutely disgusting” to use something as serious as allegations of assault for political power. Tina Smith, she said, was “doing just that.” In the end, Housley claims, it falls on Smith's shoulders to ... call for the attorney general to investigate claims against Ellison.

Housley failed to explain the difference between her call for an investigation into Keith Ellison and Tina Smith’s call for an investigation into Brett Kavanaugh. Which is a sincere call for justice, and which is merely a mad dash for power? Viewers were left to make up their own minds.

Hannity seemed convinced.

“Kah-rin,” Hannity said, at last approaching accuracy, “You can win this race.”