Karen Leuders pleads insanity for biting off hubby's tongue

Karen Leuders says she had no idea what she was doing the night she bit off her husband's tongue and then looked on, singing Christmas songs, while he tried to tell a 911 operator what had happened.

She pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease today in a Sheboygan courtroom, looking and sounding a world away from the somewhat deranged person captured in her original police mug shot.

She's charged with mayhem and faces a possible 25 years in prison.

Willard, her husband, says she suffers from manic episodes and was off her medications when she attacked him. He told police he had leaned over to kiss her while she was seated on a toilet. Instead of a smooch, she grabbed him by the genitals and chomped off part of his tongue.

Medics found him beside a cup containing the piece of his tongue, and rushed him to a hospital where doctors worked to re-attach it. The operation must have worked, because reporters covering her hearing today said he spoke clearly and easily.

He also wants her to come home, and the judge modified her bond to make that possible.

We transcribed part of the agonizing 911 call in December. Read that story here. It was one of the weirdest Wisconsin stories we followed last year.

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