Kanye West airplane rap: Will pulling a cockpit Taylor Swift have repercussions?

Would you want this man in the cockpit of your flight?

Would you want this man in the cockpit of your flight?

My first reaction to the leaked video of Kanye West rapping from the cockpit on a Delta flight from Minneapolis to New York City was: That is so cool. I wish I was on that flight.

My second reaction was: I wonder which Delta employee is going to lose his job for letting Kanye into the cockpit?


As cool as the Kanye stunt was, it also is surprising in this era of reinforced cockpit security. Somehow, a rapper known for crazy behavior gained access to the cockpit of a NYC-bound airplane, most likely because the pilot, co-pilot, or other airplane personnel were Kanye West fans who thought it would be fun to have this moment with him.

Except somebody captured the performance on a cell phone video. It's going viral. Which means Delta is going to have to talk about it.

"He couldn't decide if he wanted to do 'The Good Life' or 'Gold Digger,' so he was like, 'I'll just do a little bit of both,'" a passenger aboard the flight told Hollywood Life. "It was awesome... but I still have no idea how he got into the cockpit."

I'd hope Delta would play it cool, but that isn't what the history of similar airplane hi-jinx would lead me to believe. First there was Steven Slater, otherwise known as the guy who grabbed two beers and took an airslide into infamy. Then there was the clever prankster who thought it would be a fun joke to plant fake cocaine on unsuspecting passengers. Both lost their jobs.

We've all been told not to even joke about bombs or terrorism at an airport. How the TSA and Delta feel about Kanye West's impromptu cockpit rendition of a song about a no-good gold-digging woman remains to be seen.

UPDATE: Delta responds to Kanye West in-flight Rap