Kaiser made it to the Capitol

I made it in one piece and haven't shed much clothing from the chilly Minnesota winter. It's cold here too! I will be updating Blotter occasionally this weekend with random tidbits and more often on Monday and Tuesday as events pick up. 

I'm poor and battling it out with the journalism big wigs here, so my plans for the week are still up in the air. Cheap beer and free concerts never sounded so good. Expect my experience here to be much like the millions of others here just to take in the experience. No gowns or bottles of Cristal here. Check out some views of the National Mall below.

This is where Barack Obama's inauguration will take place. I will likely be so far away he won't even be visible, so I am taking it all in while I still have a chance. Instead, I will be standing outside for six or more hours only to watch the inauguration much like all of you: on a screen.

Here is one of the big screens that will be used to broadcast the events to everyone who didn't luck out with an inauguration ticket. Seeing anything happen live will require super vision and some mad squinting skills.   
The National Mall was still so quiet that people flocked to the totally lame MSNBC set up. The anchors were seated inside a big glass box for everyone to watch. These unfortunate souls just wanted their nanosecond of fame when the camera zoomed out on the Mall and the crowd. It never happened.