Juvenile criminals can lose gun rights; one man taking it to Minn. Supreme Court


If a juvenile is convicted of a violent crime, that can be enough to take away their Second Amendment right to possess a firearm as an adult, according to the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

Ryan Turnbull was unable to convince the court otherwise in his firearm case. He was found "delinquent in juvenile court in 2004 of felony drive-by shooting and other charges," according to the Associated Press. He was convicted in 2007 when an officer saw him carrying a gun in 2006.

Turnbull argued he has a right to carry a gun for protection in the home. The appeals court said that ruling was too limited and didn't apply to his case.

Next up: An appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Do you think bad mistakes and violent crime as a juvenile should be held against someone when they are an adult?