Justin Mulligan arrested for ice scraper rage

He apparently calmed down before this mug shot.

He apparently calmed down before this mug shot.

In a truly Minnesotan outburst of sociopathic rage, 28-year-old Justin Mulligan allegedly used an ice scraper to gouge out the eye of another man in St. Paul earlier this week, according to police.

Sounds like cabin fever may have struck a little early.


Mulligan showed up to a female friend's apartment around 7 p.m. Monday to find two men walking in, says St. Paul Police Department spokesman Andy Skoogman. The men were apparently uninvited, though they did have a key, he said, so "it's a little unclear, the relationship the suspect and victims had with one another."

Suffice to say, the presence of these two men made Mulligan angry. So angry, that he started fighting the two right there in the apartment hallway.

The brawl eventually spilled outside. Somewhere along the line, Mulligan apparently armed himself with an ice scraper.

When police arrived, the two men had retreated to their car. Mulligan was outside the vehicle repeatedly bludgeoning the man in the driver's seat, says Skoogman.

"They saw the suspect hitting the victim who was sitting in the driver's seat with an ice scraper," says Skoogman. "He was in what our officer called a 'blind rage'."

Mulligan allegedly hit the guy so hard that the victim's eyeball was dangling from the socket. When he refused to put down the ice scraper, police hit him with the Taser, says Skoogman.

Mulligan was charged with first-degree assault on Wednesday.

After the arrest, police say Mulligan's blood alcohol content was about .197. Mulligan also apparently gave some admission that he was in the wrong.

"Yeah, I know," he admitted to police. "I got anger problems."

The victim would probably concur.