Justin Clark of Iowa had a BAL of 0.627, nearly eight times the legal limit

Clark allegedly downed the rough equivalent of a liquor cabinet before getting behind the wheel.
Clark allegedly downed the rough equivalent of a liquor cabinet before getting behind the wheel.

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Academic studies suggest that had Justin Clark imbibed about 20 less drinks, he still would've been in coma. Yet he somehow found himself behind the wheel in North Liberty, Iowa.

Clark, 24, was arrested just after 10 p.m. on July 29 after cops responded to a call about a "suspicious vehicle" that was "all over the road hitting curbs then ran up into [a residential] yard." Needless to say, he was in no state to have a reasonable conversation with authorities.

The criminal complaint says Clark was unable to get out of his vehicle or walk, so a field sobriety test was out of the question. Asked where he was, Clark said, simply, "home." Asked what day it was, he said: "Three but now it is four."

A preliminary breath test pegged Clark's blood-alcohol level at an outrageous 0.486, and he was taken to the hospital. The hospital gave Clark a blood test, and turns out he was even more smashed than initially thought, with an official blood-alcohol content of 0.627. That's nearly eight times the legal limit of 0.08!

For a bit of context, here's a breakdown of what happens when BAC levels rise above 0.4:

Individuals with BAC levels of 0.4 and above will become unconscious. Breathing will become very slow and the individual's heartbeat will be slow and faint. Patients should be taken to the hospital immediately in order to prevent death. In rare and extreme cases, some individuals have survived after having BAC levels as high as 0.9.

In other words, are we sure Clark isn't some kind of booze-fueled zombie?

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