Justin Clark had roughly 35 drinks in four hours before 0.627 DUI arrest

Clark drank the equivalent of a case... with a 12er kicked in for good measure.
Clark drank the equivalent of a case... with a 12er kicked in for good measure.

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On Tuesday, we told you about Justin Clark, the 24-year-old Iowan who was arrested for DUI with a unbe-freakin-lievable blood-alcohol level of 0.627.

Clark was treated for drunkeness at a local hospital, but somehow survived a level of intoxication that would be fatal for most. Consider this: An expert says Clark would've had to down 35 drinks in four hours to reach to reach 0.627. And after drinking half of a liquor store, Clark tried to drive!

From the Cedar Rapids Gazette:

Michael Takacs, clinical assistant professor of emergency medicine and an emergency room doctor at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, said 0.627 percent is higher than any level he's seen during his eight years in the field.

At that level, Takacs said, a person would have to go to the intensive care unit and would be at risk of losing heart and respiratory functions.

"That's astronomically high, and the highest I've ever heard of," Takacs said. "For even the most seasoned alcoholic, 0.627 would be a lethal dose possibly."

Let's hope Clark gets the help he needs to put down the bottle. But whenever his time comes, he should consider donating his liver for medical research. That thing has clearly been through more than most of its kind experience in a thousand lifetimes.

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