Justice DeLayed is justice denied?

class=img_thumbleft>Over at Partyline--um, make that Powerline--the Hindrocket*

isn't shriveling

from the departure of Tom DeLay:

It's too bad, I think. DeLay was an effective leader, albeit too liberal in recent years. It's possible, of course, that he did something wrong along the way. But there is no evidence of that in the public domain; as I've often said, the politically-inspired prosection of DeLay by Travis County's discredited DA, Ronnie Earle, is a bad joke. As far as we can tell at the moment, DeLay appears to be yet another victim of the Democrats' politics of personal destruction--the only politics they know.

Here, John Hinderaker--as the Hindrocket is known when wearing a suit--reveals the difference between an honest ideologue and a party hack. He pretends to mark his distance from DeLay on the subject of the politician's "liberalism," as reported on Blotter a few hours ago. Next, he dismisses the Travis County prosecution, which is a trifle, and unworthy of serious attention.

The "public domain," as the Big Trunk knows, also contains a wealth of information about the fallen House majority leader's shady activities. A few well-reported highlights, none of which are in dispute on a factual basis:

+DeLay collaborated with a phony nonprofit, the U.S. Family Network, that funneled $1 million from Russian oil interests into his political operation through a now-defunct British law firm. The money was apparently intended to influence DeLay's backing for an IMF bailout of the troubled Russian economy. The U.S. Family Network--which did not lobby on behalf of families--also accepted six-figure donations from textile firms in the Marianas Islands and Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. Both were major clients of convicted felon Jack Abramoff, and both received legislative favors from DeLay in the House of Representatives.

+DeLay's wife collected $3,200 a month for three years through a Washington lobby firm--which has subsequently been shuttered by indictments and scandal--for a no-show job.

+DeLay accepted a $70,000 golf junket to Scotland in 2000, which was paid for by gambling interests and an Indian tribe; and a $106,921 three-day golf junket to Seoul in 2001, which was paid for by a registered foreign agent, in violation of House rules. A $57,238, six-day golf trip to Russia seems to have been funded by a shadowy group from the Bahamas, which was seemingly a front group for Russian energy concern.

+Former DeLay congressional staffers Tony Rudy and Michael Scanlon have pled guilty, as the Washington Post summarizes today, "to crimes including conspiracy; wire, tax and mail fraud; and corruption of public officials."

Which possibility is more embarrassing for Powerline: That Hinderaker is writing press releases for the party, or that he actually believes in DeLay's moral rectitude?

*This post originally misidentified Hinderaker as "The Big Trunk"; he is actually the "Hindrocket."

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