Junge, Lieberman, Farrakhan and "moral relativism"

We expect the blogs like MDE, Powerline, and Kennedy vs. the Machine to be full of hate for DFL-endorsed congressional candidate Keith Ellison, and they haven't disappointed. But the Politics in Minnesota has been uncharacteristically harsh on Ellison and very kind to Ellison most formidable challenge in the 5th District race, Ember Reichgott Junge. One particularly stinging remark came from PIM's Republican editor, Sarah Janecek, who told Roll Call in late June that Ellison's endorsement despite his [tenuous] ties to Louis Farrakhan and his failure to pay parking tickets "is a classic example of liberal moral relativism...A lot of the people are willing to gloss over his past because he's black."

Since Powerline has been lauding Conn. Sen, Joe Lieberman ever since Lieberman was defeated in the recent Democratic primary, and since Ellison's most formidable opponent, Ember Reichgott Junge, told City Pages earlier this month that she co-chaired Lieberman's 2004 presidential bid in Minnesota because he is "a man of integrity," an article in today's edition of the online magazine Salon might be instructive. It quotes Lieberman, during an interview with April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks on September 26, 2000, as saying of Louis Farrakhan, "I have respect for him...I admire what Minister Farrakhan is doing."

Let's see if there is as much of a media shitstorm directed at Junge as there was against Ellison for supporting the Million Man March (which occurred five years before Lieberman's kind words for the Minister). And let's see if Powerline and MDE, and yes, Janecek, condemn Lieberman for his remarks. Let's see if they impugn Junge's staunch support for an open admirer of Farrakhan and demand clarification on her position vis a vis Lieberman and Farrakhan. Let's see, in other words, whether there is conservative moral relativism and a glossing over of Lieberman's and Junge's past because they happen to be white.