Jumpin' Jehosaphat! Watch this lightning strike in downtown Minneapolis [VIDEO]

Is Monday night's lightning strike at Target Field a good omen for the Twins?

Is Monday night's lightning strike at Target Field a good omen for the Twins? Youtube

It rained a bit in the Twin Cities yesterday. 

You guys notice that? It was hard to miss, what with all the water falling to the ground: "Close to a month's worth," by average numbers, and an all-time Minneapolis-St. Paul record of 2.18 inches during October 2.

In case you tried staying indoors and avoiding the heavenly assault, the sky helpfully made clear just how serious it was, with flashes of lightning spiking the earth and illuminating dark clouds above, followed by rolls of thunder that shook the very drinks in our glasses.

We don't know much about the videographer of the below clip, except that his name is Kevin, he has a Youtube account, and he spent part of Monday evening on the 19th floor of the Washington Square building in downtown Minneapolis. 

For the first 15 seconds of this clip, you might wonder why Kevin's just standing around filming out the window. Then, at the 19 second mark... 


And did you, like us, notice that it seems to have hit right at Target Field? Is this a good omen for the Twins? If they win against the Yankees, will we some day come to talk about the "strike that broke the curse"?

Is this a good time to be inviting everyone to hang out at the ol' ballpark? We'll find out!

What we know is this: It is cool, and frightening, and a beautiful visual reminder that we are not in charge of much on this planet. When your pets freak out during a thunderstorm, stop telling them to calm down, and everything's going to be alright. 

Show them this video. Apologize, and tell them they've been right all along.