Jumoke Cryer swipes St. Paul cop's squad car during chase

Jumoke Cryer had no interest in going to jail Saturday night.

So when a St. Paul police officer spotted Cryer -- wanted for fleeing police in a motor vehicle -- the 20-some-year-old suspected gang member took off running. The officer ran after him, leaving his car idling and unattended.

The cop chased him for about a block before Cryer pulled a quick u-turn, jumped into the officer's cruiser and drove away.

But Cryer didn't make it far in his new ride. From the Star Tribune:

The suspect jumped into the squad and took off as the officer radioed that his car was being stolen...The man drove about five blocks to near the Dale Avenue bridge over Interstate 94, speeding up to about 50 miles an hour before hitting several moving cars.

A little car wreck in a stolen cop car wasn't going to deter Cryer. After the crash, Cryer got out of the car and once again ran away from police. This time they did catch him. And when Cryer continued to resist, the officers maced him and slapped on the cuffs. Police expect he will be charged in the next few days.

No one was injured during the crash.

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