Julianne Ortman distributes ridiculous petition protesting secretly recorded Franken joke video

Ortman is easily offended, it seems.

Ortman is easily offended, it seems.

In a petition published on her Facebook page yesterday, Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Julianne Ortman says a recently released secret recording of Al Franken joking around in an Arizona driveway shows he "still doesn't take women seriously."

But really the only thing the petition demonstrates is how hard it is to take Ortman's campaign seriously.

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Watch the "scandalous" 13 seconds of footage, which was shot back in June 2012 while Franken was in Arizona for a fundraiser but was just published by Breitbart News this week in a post with an absolutely absurd headline -- "New Video Features Al Franken Playing With His Traffic Cone Boobs" -- for yourself:


Not exactly the stuff of Monica Lewinsky, is it?

Nonetheless, here's how Ortman is trying to score political points off it on her Facebook page:

It should be noted that two years ago, Franken openly cried on the Senate floor while testifying on behalf of stronger domestic violence protections for women. Furthermore, Ortman cites no evidence to back up the assertion that the former funnyman "doesn't take women seriously" other than the video snippet she blatantly takes out of context.

We called Ortman's political director, Jim Sanborn, and asked him what specifically is objectionable about the video clip. He wasn't in the mood to talk, apparently.

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"I'm right in the middle of something -- can I call you back in a couple minutes?" Sanborn said. We're still waiting for our call to be returned as this is published.

A Franken spokesperson declined comment.

It should also be mentioned that Ortman, who currently serves as a state senator from Chanhassen, didn't exactly bust out the petitions or have anything to say at all when one of her Republican colleagues in the legislature, Rep. Andrea Kieffer, R-Woodbury, created a national stir by saying the Women's Economic Security Act makes women "look like whiners" earlier this legislative session. (The House approved the bill; it awaits a vote in the Senate.)

Ortman's is squaring off with businessman Mike McFadden to become the Republican candidate running against Franken in the general election. Ortman's campaign manager, Andy Parrish -- yes, that Andy Parrish -- has recently been hyping a partisan poll suggesting Ortman would put up a better fight against Franken than McFadden, but McFadden has a lot more money in the bank to finance his campaign. And since McFadden is widely expected to challenge Ortman in a Republican primary even if he doesn't receive the MNGOP nomination, Ortman might be getting ahead of herself by trying to take political potshots at Franken at this point in the game.

Then again, Ortman does have Sarah Palin's endorsement. Between that and this latest petition drive against Franken, what can stop her?

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