Judge's sage comment to man who posted naked pics of his ex-girlfriend on Flickr is perfect

Earlier today, Dylan Bendix, a 20-year-old St. Paul resident, was sentenced for publishing nude pics of his ex-girlfriend online.

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In arguing on behalf of his client, Bendix's attorney, Lee Moua, argued he only decided to post the nude selfies sent to him by his then-17-year-old girlfriend in late 2011 because she cheated on him with another man. But according to the Pioneer Press, Ramsey County District Judge Gary Bastian didn't want to hear any of that ridiculousness.

"Welcome to life," the judge wisely told them.

The PiPress reports that Bendix posted the photos, complete with his ex's name, on Flickr, where they were discovered late last year by the victim's new boyfriend. Bendix included this eww-worthy comment under one of them: "A girl I [had sex with] a couple of times. The sex was goooooood."

Bendix was convicted of gross misdemeanor criminal defamation in August. Today, he was sentenced to time served (two days) plus two years probation, during which time he can't drink or do drugs, must keep a job, and for God's sake, learn not to be a complete and utter dickwad next time he gets done wrong by a lover (okay, that last part isn't really one of the conditions of his probation, but you get the idea...).

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