Josiah H. Johnson's bomb note rattles UW-Stout


Josiah H. Johnson evidently thought it would be a blast to leave his chemistry professor at UW-Stout a, shall we say, inappropriate note about making a homemade bomb.

Not so funny, the university told the 19-year-old from Duluth. He was charged with disorderly conduct Thursday morning by the University Police Department.

He probably didn't help his case by admitting to police that he and some buddies had been blowing off explosive last weekend at a nearby park.

On the other hand, he did fess up to the note, which was not, repeat not, a threat:

"He is extremely apologetic and has been very cooperative," campus police chief Lisa Walter said on the university's Web site. "It was not a bomb threat. He had no intention of that."

The note was found on a whiteboard, a type of message board, in a temporary office area in Micheels Hall. That building was evacuated along with two connecting buildings, Jarvis Hall and the Applied Arts Building, on the southeast side of campus.

Quite the prankster, that Josiah H. Johnson.