Josh Schreiner and Andrew Wagner: More Sheen TigerBlood intern candidates from U of M

Josh Schreiner makes his case for #TigerBlood.

Josh Schreiner makes his case for #TigerBlood.

Shannah Henderson isn't the only University of Minnesota student who thinks that a TigerBlood social media internship with chemical-crazed actor Charlie Sheen might jazz up a resume.

Josh Schreiner and Andrew Wagner, both political science majors, are right there with her.


Schreiner told the Minnesota Daily his parents think he's nuts, and probably committing career suicide, after he made the cut from 75,000 applicants to a few hundred last month. He figures working for a star in full meltdown is a ticket to the big dance.

Apparently there are only 250 people left in consideration to be @charliesheen #tigerbloodintern and I am one of them. Speechless right nowless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Working for Sheen "would be like going from high school to the NBA," he told the student newspaper.

The next test for the candidates: a video that talks about how they might use social media in a political campaign. Here's Schreiner's pitch. He can "weather any storm," which would seem like a good job qualification:


Wagner, whose Twitter profile says he handles media for the College Republicans at the U, wants to be the rock on which Sheen, a self-described walking pharmacology experiment, will build a new life.

Tweeting about his life up close and personal "would be a chance to rehabilitate his image from an esteemed actor to a crazy guy who has spun out of control," Wagner says. He points to this video entry, which has all the excitement of a poli-sci lecture:

Henderson told us last week that, should she win the eight-week gig, her high moral bearing would shield her from Sheen's "winning" ways. Besides, she said, Sheen's an "inspiration." Here's her video: