Josh Romney thinks Minn. might go red today [VIDEO]

Rep. Erik Paulsen with Josh Romney and two of his kids at yesterday's rally.
Rep. Erik Paulsen with Josh Romney and two of his kids at yesterday's rally.
screenshot via MN GOP video

The past few days, headlining national Republicans have shown Minnesota some love, both sparking and responding to rumors (and polls, though at this point, who really knows the difference) that Romney's gaining on Obama inside our long-blue borders.

On Sunday, we had Paul Ryan, who was followed yesterday by Republican Party chairman Reince Priebus. The more exciting Monday appearance, though, was from Josh Romney, the Romney son most famous for staring down Obama during the second presidential debate like a lidless hawk -- and the meme fun the internet had with him after.

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But all Romneys have to have their robotic gaffes. At yesterday's MN GOP rally in Plymouth, Josh appeared remarkably human, even blinking occasionally. He kept arms around two of his bored-looking-but-stoic kids, Grace and Wyatt, for most of the 15-minute rally.

"I love being out on the campaign trail for my dad," Josh told the crowd. "He's my hero" (a line Josh has used before).

"I love going out and giving people a perspective on who the real Mitt Romney is," he continued, before joking that his wife probably wouldn't be too happy with how he did his daughter's hair. Those Romney men, adorably incompetent around the house.

Josh Romney's more familiar face.
Josh Romney's more familiar face.

Josh Romney's more familiar face.

Josh flashed back to the disappointment he felt after his dad dropped out of the 2008 primary, and how two years later, when his parents started talking about running again in 2012, Ann asked Mitt, "If you were president, could you turn the economy around?"

In Josh's retelling of this story, Mitt said yes, and then Ann answered, "Well then, you don't have a choice."

From there, Josh covers some familiar talking points -- the future for his five children, Obama's "billion-dollar" war chest, the federal deficit, American sacrifice and exceptionalism, prayers -- before concluding, "these are not just economic issues. These are moral issues."

"We're so confident we're going to win this thing," Josh said. "We're feeling real good about the way things look here in Minnesota. We have never seen so much energy... There's not a poll in the world that can capture the energy and the excitement and what we feel in our hearts."

Of course, if it weren't for the polls, Josh probably wouldn't have been in town yesterday. Those polls are showing that Minnesota maybe, just maybe, might not be firmly blue. One of them, from conservative group the American Future Fund, even showed Romney leading Obama by one point, 46-45, as recently as this weekend.

More independent polls, however, still show us contributing our 10 electoral votes to Obama -- though according to the Star Tribune's most recent poll, the President's lead is within the margin of error.

Minnesota last went red in 1972, for incumbent Nixon, when pretty much the rest of the country stuck with him too. Since then, we've voted blue, even in 1980, when we were the only state where our own Walter Mondale won a majority (which also makes us the only state never to have voted Reagan).

Here's video of the full rally:

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