Josh Kindel is a teenage check forger who says Salvia made him do it


Sigh. It's excuses like these that give fodder to prohibitionists and anti-drug warriors. From the Worthington Daily Globe:

A Fulda teen facing check forgery charges after allegedly writing checks on the accounts of both his stepfather and grandmother told law enforcement he was addicted to salvia, a psychoactive plant that causes euphoria.
Salvia is once again in state lawmakers' cross hairs and we can already see the bastards touting as an example of the hallucinogen creating crime out of thin air. "Josh Kindel was a model citizen until an ego-dissipating psychedelic journey turned him to a life of crime."

A couple of quick points. Salvia is not addictive (in fact, some studies suggest the mint mitigates addiction). Nor is it particularly expensive. The trip lasts about 10 minutes during which time it is impossible to spell one's name, let alone forge a check.

By the looks of it, Kindel had no misgivings about breaking the law before his salvia-induced check-forging foray-- already on probabation, Kindel hasbeen been convicted of theft and marijuana possession. He also has juvenile adjudications for marijuana sales and third-degree criminal sexual conduct.