Joseph Kadlec swerved car at passing motorcyclists, shot one in face outside PD

Kadlec allegedly shot a biker in the face during a road rage incident.
Kadlec allegedly shot a biker in the face during a road rage incident.

God forbid you encounter 71-year-old Cambridge resident Joseph Kadlec when he's behind the wheel, but if you do, don't try and pass him.

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Kadlec has been involved in six road rage incidents since 2008, and the worst one occurred last Saturday afternoon when he allegedly shot a motorcyclist in the face right outside the Isanti Police Department headquarters.

In a police report, a driver who was cruising behind Kadlec recounts how the incident involving the bikers escalated:

A witness in a car behind Kadlec's reported seeing [motorcyclists Kyle Ronning and Matthew Larowe] riding their motorcycles south on Minnesota 65. As the two tried to pass the vehicle driven by the witness and Kadlec's cars, Kadlec car sped up, preventing the two from passing. This led to Kadlec's "jerking" his car toward the motorcyclists when they tried to pass him. One motorcyclist directed an obscene gesture at Kadlec and later kicked his car.

Kadlec and the bikers both turned off on County Road 5 and ended up in the parking lot of the Isanti Police Department, where the incident escalated from arguing to possibly deadly violence.

From KARE:

Isanti Police were dispatched to a report of a fight in the parking lot right outside their department. As two officers exited the building they heard a gunshot, then saw a man in his 20's holding on to his face.

That man, Kyle Ronning of Columbia Heights, had been shot in the chin just below his lip. His teeth were shattered, and tissue was severely damaged. An officer noticed what appeared to be a bullet lodged below Ronning's ear.

Ronning and a friend were riding motorcycles; there was also a car in the lot. An officer questioned the driver of that vehicle, who turned out to be Joseph Kadlec. Kadlec admitted there was a road rage incident on Highway 65, The officer recovered a 9 mm handgun from the front seat of Kadlec's car.

Despite Kadlec's history of road rage, he has a valid permit to carry a handgun. The Star Tribune tried calling Isanti County Sheriff Russ Monson about whether the previous incidents were taken into consideration when Kadlec's handgun permit was approved, but he didn't return their calls.

Kadlec has been charged with three felonies, including first-degree assault, second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, and first-degree attempted manslaughter. The Strib reports he was released on bail last night, so look out next time you're driving in Isanti County.

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