Joseph Frederick Tucker arrested, second suspect in Uptown muggings

The long arm of the law taps two suspected muggers on the shoulder.

The long arm of the law taps two suspected muggers on the shoulder.

Minneapolis police say they're starting to round up the thugs thought to be responsible for a rash of muggings in Uptown over the past three weeks.

Joseph Frederick Tucker was arrested by Minneapolis police yesterday, suspected of being one of the men who mugged a 61-year-old former Marine in Uptown who turned out to have been armed.

Edward Curtis took a nasty beating in the May 10 incident on Pillsbury Avenue South. The muggers were able to grab his wallet, but he was able to pull out a pistol and fire a few shots to scare the assailants away.


Tucker was taken into custody at about 4 p.m. yesterday. Charges are pending. And now it looks like MPD has tied another man arrested on Tuesday to the same Pillsbury Avenue attack.

Alex Dean Boyce had been taken into custody in relation to a different mugging, on April 28 on Colfax Avenue South. But MPD spokesman Sgt. William Palmer says a case against Boyce in the Pillsbury Avenue attack with be presented to prosecutors today.

As with Boyce, Palmer says Tucker's mug shot is not being released for now because it jeopardize the police investigation. Once authorities release those photos, we'll post them.

Location Of Attack: 2500 block of Pillsbury Avenue South.

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