Jordan Kavoosi's strange YouTube videos


When Jordan Kavoosi isn't presiding over his plagiarism empire, he's also an avid filmmaker. Here are some of Kavoosi's strangest works posted to Youtube. Notice the plug for Pay For Essay, one of his company's websites, at the beginning of each clip.

1. Company of Heroes. This one is really too strange to describe. It appears to be footage of Kavoosi, a.k.a. Commander Pay For Essay, training for and passionately playing a war video game called "Company of Heroes":

2. Yes. In this video, Kavoosi sits at his computer strangely repeating a single word in a variety of intonations:

3. 300 Ending. More footage of the Commander himself acting out scenes from a war video game. There's some pretty passionate acting in this one, including some great dance moves at the end:

4. Another Day at the Office. Kavoosi's own performance interpretation of what it's like to be him on a day-to-day basis:

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