Jonathon Sharkey's teen girlfriend Paige Brewer denies she's a runaway

Paige Brewer

Paige Brewer

Paige Brewer, a 16-year-old girl in hiding with self-described vampire Jonathon Sharkey somewhere in Minnesota, denies that she is a runaway, and denies that she has been abducted.

The teenager said today that she walked out on an abusive relationship with her mother, was not willing to say where she was in hiding, and wishes that people calling 44-year-old Sharkey a pedophile would "screw off."

She's listed as an endangered runaway through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the Faribault police are trying to contact her via the comments section in City Pages:

This is Detective Lisa Petricka with the Faribault Police Department and you know me from meeting with you a few months back. I have been assigned your case file for running away. I would like you to contact me so we can talk and I will help you with the situation you are in and handle this the right way.

Brewer says that, like Sharkey, she's a vampire and that she met him online in January via a forum for "vampire stuff." They corresponded via e-mail and text messages until Friday, when she says they met in person for the first time at Minneapolis St. Paul International airport.

Sharkey, who says he's running for governor in Minnesota, and who has a history of controversial relationships with young women and run ins with the law that we've documented before, raised a furor recently when he proposed marriage to Paige via a YouTube video.

She accepted his proposal, and said today that she's aware of his record.

Sharkey insists that he's looking after Brewer while she seeks a legal emancipation order from her mother, and that she's free to leave him anytime she wants. Both Sharkey and Brewer confirmed that they were in Minnesota but wouldn't say where. She said she had turned off her cell phone so that her whereabouts can't be traced.

Brewer said she understands why people are concerned for her safety. "I'm not being neglected," she said."You can see on my Facebook page that I'm eating pizza."

"Hmmm, being tortured and brainwashed? Well if you consider breakfast in bed torture, hell, sign me up any day haha," she said in the comment section below one City Pages story. I'm being treated like a queen, the way I should be. I have never been so happy in my life. Hopefully I can be like this the rest of my life."

Sharkey said that, in accordance with state law, he and Brewer are not having sex, and that "people who know me aren't tweaked" about his relationship with Brewer.

"I didn't abduct her," he said.