Jonathon Sharkey ends his campaign to be Minnesota's first vampire governor


Jonathon Sharkey, the self-described vampire set to announce on the Ides of March that he was going to run for governor of Minnesota, and who recently skated perilously close to legal problems (again) by vanishing with 16-year-old Paige Brewer, of Faribault, said today he would instead inflict himself on the people of Florida.

His announcement brings to an end one of the weirder chapters in Minnesota politics. Here's his announcement:

Ever since I first entered the world of politics, I have wanted to help those most in need. As well as see those who spread hatred, oppression, injustice and prey upon the innocent to be held accountable for their actions.

Unlike the Nation Republican Party, Florida's Republican Party, especially in Hillsborough County, has set the standards in this day and age of how the founding members of the GOP envisioned it to be over 150 years ago.

Though I truly wanted to become Governor of MN, as a result of what occurred to Paige and me two weeks ago, I realize that MN is so screwed, that to prevent others from becoming victims of a dysfunctional system, I must attack the problem on a national level. I will be able to accomplish this with the help of people from the Hillsborough County Republican Party who truly care about the needs of those who are suffering do to inadequate laws.

I truly feel, the federal government needs to step in and take control of matters like child abuse and the failure of states to protect the innocent. It is a shame when a mother can admit to punching her daughter in the stomach and in the face, without fear of criminal charges. Punching ones child is ABUSIVE! There are several kinds of abuse. There is physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse and abuse of power and authority of one's household.

Instead of running for Governor of MN, I will now run in Florida as a Republican for probably a nation position. I have unfinished business in Tampa Bay too. And this time, I do not have a professionally diagnosed mentally ill alcoholic drug addict to sabotage my campaign.

I have a loving fiancee who is supportive of my decision to run in Tampa Bay, instead of in MN! And my 2 children Danielle and JJ life in Tampa, so they are very happy about my return to Tampa Bay.

I intend on seeking support from my fellow Republicans in the House and Senate to pass federal laws to address child protection and harsh criminal punishment upon those who abuse their children.

One victim of abuse, is one victim too many. As a member of the Hillsborough County Republican Party's Executive Committee, I will lobby that what happened to Paige never happens to anyone ever again! And that her Mommy Dearest answer to the courts for her criminal and unspeakable acts.

It is still my plan on The IDES OF MARCH to announce my political intentions for 2010. And I hope my fiancee will be standing by my side when I announce.

The "situation" with Brewer includes her mother winning a protective order against Sharkey.