Jonathan Sharkey's teen girlfriend taken into custody by Faribault police


Paige Brewer, the 16-year-old Farbault girl whose relationship with 44-year-old Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey has created a firestorm of criticism, was taken into custody by Fairbault police this morning after the couple showed up for a pre-arranged meeting with Rice County social service representatives.

Brewer is now being interviewed by Faribault detectives and social workers, according to Faribault Police Chief Dan Collins. Sharkey is not under arrest, but detectives want to question him regarding his relationship with the girl, and her claims in the news media that she took up with Sharkey to escape an abusive relationship with her mother, Jillian Moen, of Mound, Collins said.

"He's sitting in our lobby right now," Collins said.

Calling from a cell phone in that lobby, Sharkey says he's steamed.

"We acted in good faith," by arranging to meet detectives at the Hope Center in Faribault, he said. He didn't expect such a show of police force.

Sharkey, a self-described vampire and candidate for governor of Minnesota, met Brewer via an online forum in January. An online relationship developed, including plans to get married. They met in person for the first time over the weekend, when Brewer vanished from her grand mother's Faribault home and went into hiding with Sharkey, who had flown in from New Jersey. He says he's working to help Brewer win legal emancipation from her mother.

Brewer's mother says Sharkey has brainwashed her daughter.