Jonathan Anderson posed as Facebook girl to promote dance club

The kids at Buffalo High School were suspicious: Who is Kassidy Kava, and why is she friending everyone on Facebook? No one had ever heard of her.

Turns out Kassidy was Jonathan Anderson, a guy who runs a dance club in Little Canada called Synergy, for kids 16 years old and older. He was posing as the fictitious 18-year-old girl as a scam to get students' phone numbers and e-mails and promote his business.

His cover was blown by students at the high school newspaper, The Hoofprint, with an assist from a high school student who started a "who the heck is kassidy kava?!" page on Facebook.

Ace student reporter Nate Spanier told WCCO, "What really made it suspicious is that there's almost 100 comments sitting on her wall saying, 'Who are you? I don't know you. You added me, but I don't know you who are.'"

What made it scary was that about 400 kids mindlessly friended the fake, and that Anderson successfully went after teens at other high schools in the Twin Cities area as well.

Spanier worked with local cops to figure out that no one really named Kassidy Kava existed in Minnesota. He compared the Facebook profile to other similar profiles -- about 20 -- pieced everything together and pointed the finger at Anderson.

The student newspaper's advisor, Ryan McCallum, told WCCO the story serves as a cautionary tale.

And on Facebook, he wrote, "I just want to reaffirm the fact that Jonathan Anderson created and runs Kassidy's profile. The police verified that no one by that name exists in the state. Anderson himself admitted it early in The Hoofprint's investigation. Anderson still preys on people too stupid to keep their Facebook logins to themselves, and he continues to lie, steal private data, manipulate people, and revel in his own mistakes for his personal gain."

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