Jon Stewart rips Fox News over coverage of Star Tribune story

Screenshot of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Screenshot of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The morning talk show Fox & Friends took issue Monday with a Strib story about a St. Paul YMCA swim class for Muslim girls that was organized with the support of police.

"The minority becoming the majority at one community pool," says newsreader Heather Nauert. "Sharia law is now changing everything."

The segment was short but absurd enough to catch the eye of the Daily Show's Jon Stewart. In the clip below, the camera cuts from Nauert to Stewart, whose shrieking fills the gap in sound where, in some campy horror movie, a pounding of piano keys might have followed.

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"Sharia law is changing everything! And probably not for the better!" Stewart shouts. "Because while I'm not really clear what Sharia law is, I do know it's relatively Muslim-y. And if Fox is talking about it, it's the kind of Muslim-y that's going to destroy this very nation."

It's unclear how a private one-hour swim class equals the destruction of our judicial framework. If so, we're hanging by a thread, and the version of reality offered by Fox is arguably the most misanthropic and pessimistic one imaginable.

No, the network seems to be suggesting that it's wrong to give Somali girls a religious exemption -- which is odd, considering that it never tires of pushing exemptions for Christians.

A few more shrieks, some swinging of the arms and finally Stewart mocks the pseudo-indignation of the Fox report: "First they came for our Tuesday synchronized aquatic dance, and I did not speak out, because I prefer water exercise with a pool noodle."

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