Jon Stewart pillories GOP "ritual sacrifice" of Wisconsin unions, then hammers Democrats

Democrats and union members in Wisconsin hoping for some love from the reliably liberal Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" got a rude awakening yesterday.

Stewart first took a shot at the Republican cheeseheads who are trying to neuter public employee unions under the guise of bridging the state's budget deficit.

The unions have agreed to meet GOP Gov. Scott Walker's cost-cutting measures, including an 8 percent across the board pay cut, he pointed out. But Walker still wants to strip the unions' collective bargaining rights.

"Take away their collective bargaining rights, and all you have left is a bunch of people wearing identical T-shirts," Stewart said. "So to close your 3.6 billion budget gap, the union must die. Not so much a fiscal sacrifice as a ritual sacrifice to appease the gods of deficit."

Then Stewart turned on the 14 Wisconsin Senate Democrats who made a run for it after it became clear they couldn't stop Republicans from ramming through the union-busting bill.

"You how they say that when the going gets tough, the tough get going? I don't think that's meant to be taken literally," Stewart said, mockingly.

Watch (and don't miss the exploding cow introduction):

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