Jon Stewart jabs Newsweek for Michele Bachmann cover photo [VIDEO]

Jon Stewart: Crazy words, not crazy eyes.
Jon Stewart: Crazy words, not crazy eyes.

Jon Stewart has never been shy about taking on Michele Bachmann -- or her husband Marcus, for that matter. But Stewart thinks Newsweek magazine went too far, using what he thinks is a deliberately bad photo of Bachmann to run for its cover story in this week's issue.

On The Daily Show last night, Stewart said it looks like the Newsweek photographer captured Bachmann "at the exact moment she sees the amazing Ribaldo turn his hat into a dove."

Stewart said there are plenty of things you can use to fairly go after Michele Bachmann, but -- in an opinion illustrated with a flattering slideshow -- he said there's no arguing that she's not photogenic.

"That's a shitty picture of Michele Bachmann," Stewart said. "And clearly, not an accidentally shitty picture of Michele Bachmann."

He also rejects Newsweek editor Tina Brown's statement that the photo was meant to show how Bachmann's "intensity is galvanizing voters in Iowa."

Eventually, Stewart comes to say that Bachmann should never be criticized for how she looks, but she should pretty much always be criticized for what she says.

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