Jon Huntsman: I'd sign up to be Michele Bachmann's vice president [VIDEO]

Bachmann/Huntsman: a winning GOP ticket?

Bachmann/Huntsman: a winning GOP ticket?

Jon Huntsman is the first Republican presidential candidate to admit he'd be willing to be Michele Bachmann's running mate.

"You know if you love this country, you serve this country," Hunstman said in an interview with Piers Morgan scheduled to air tonight.

So he's down with a politician who botches basic facts of American history, refers to gay people as under the influence of "Satan," and wants to interrogate American politicians to see if they hold anti-American views. But running with a fellow Mormon?

"There'd be too many jokes about that," Huntsman said, leaning forward with laughter at the thought of serving with Mitt Romney. "No, I can't imagine it at all."


At least now we know where Huntsman stands on evaluating what leadership qualities really matter. Clearly, Bachmann's lightbulb legislation makes her a better running mate than Romney's piddly resume of turning around the 2002 Winter Olympics and, as governor, making Massachusetts the first state to mandate universal health care.

Huntsman was careful to point out that his campaign--not Bachmann's--is the most in touch.

"I think we've got the background. I think we have the temperament. I think we're right on the issues, and I think we're at the center right of the political scale, which is exactly where this country is," Huntsman said.

See the interview for yourself: