Johnnie Long arrested for allegedly mailing white powder to Pine County officials

Johnnie Long
Johnnie Long

Johnnie Long, a 45-year-old Braham resident, has been arrested on suspicion of possessing weapons of mass destruction and making terroristic threats for allegedly mailing six envelopes containing a bacterial agent mixed with household powders to Pine County officials on November 19, prompting an evacuation of the county courthouse. (Formal charges are pending as this is published.)

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Long reportedly was under federal investigation even before last month's incident. He's the only suspect in a number of other cases pertaining to homemade devices meant to look like explosives that were planted in hopes of causing fear.

The substance Long allegedly mailed to the Pine County sheriff, two deputies, two judges, and embattled County Attorney Thom Pertler wasn't capable of harming anyone, but the techniques and materials used caused FBI agents to believe the suspect might be capable of producing anthrax or other chemical weapons.

Fox 9, citing a conversation with the Pine County sheriff, reports that Long has already confessed and told investigators he "may have been trying to frame others for the crime." That's all that's known about his motive at this time.

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