John Peters got really, really drunk and crashed his Jaguar

John Peters: He survived the crash, and an amazing BAC.

John Peters: He survived the crash, and an amazing BAC.

There's drunk, there's really drunk, and then there's "How are you still alive?" drunk.

That's the level John Peters reached, blowing nearly four times over the legal limit when he crashed his car downtown around 1:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon. Originally, Peters tested out at .40 on the breathalyzer. The cop who arrested Peters made him take the test again, and Peters' BAC dropped just a bit, to .391, which is now his official tally.

Unless he was on a bender from the night before, Peters had to get up pretty early to work up that kind of breath.

If getting behind the wheel of any car after a couple -- or, say, 25 -- beers isn't irresponsible enough, consider that the car Peters was driving was his Jaguar. Imagine: All that British style and luxury, put in the hands of a man so drunk he was probably flammable.


Just to give some perspective on how drunk .391 is, .45 is the accepted level of fatal alcohol levels, but there are a few cases where .35 has done the trick.

Perhaps even more impressive than how drunk Peters got was that the accident that ended his afternoon wasn't even his fault. According to KSTP, Peters ran into another car that had run a red light.

Peters is facing four charges related to careless driving and driving under the influence.