John Paul St. Marie goes from assistant Hennepin attorney to accused pimp

It doesn't sound like John Paul St. Marie has had an easy life. Childhood polio left him a quadraplegic. Health issues forced him to resign as from his position in the civil division of the Hennepin County Attorney's office four years ago. Now he's got a new problem, accused of hanging out a cyber shingle in the world's oldest profession.

After a two-year investigation, S. Marie has been charged with six felony counts of promoting prostitution with men he called "The Minnesota Nice Guys" on his website -- folks with big bucks who weren't going to knock their escorts around.

The nice guys allegedly bedded down in rooms at the Radisson University, the Doubletree, the Minneapolis Hotel, and even a townhome in Chaska, the Strib reports. If they lined up more customers, they received "free or reduced-rate sexual services."

St. Marie is due in Ramsey County Court on Aug. 11.

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