John Oliver Calls Out Minnesota's Mother's Day Middle Finger to Moms

When unpaid maternity leave equals no maternity leave.

When unpaid maternity leave equals no maternity leave.

This Mother's Day, a gaggle of lawmakers filmed a well-intentioned -- if emotionally vapid -- shout out to their moms.

Sens. Dan Hall (R-Burnsville), Paul Gezelka (R-Nisswa), Roger Chamberlain (R-Lino Lakes), and Branden Petersen (R-Andover) put on their best suits and made some sweet remarks on camera about honoring mothers all year, but something about the message stank to political satirist John Oliver.

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The rant about Minnesota starts at about the nine-minute mark:

In a Last Week Tonight episode dedicated to the ongoing debate over maternity leave, Oliver pointed out that each of the four Minnesota senators had voted against the Women's Economic Security Act, which expanded unpaid maternity leave to the national 12-week standard.

"You can't have it both ways. You can't go on and on about how much you love your mothers and then fail to support legislation that makes life easier for them," Oliver scolded the lawmakers before launching into his own Mother's Day PSA, a truly disturbing tirade on breastfeeding in parking lots and mopping up placental spillage at work.

Gov. Mark Dayton eventually signed the Women's Economic Security Act into law on Mother's Day last year. However, House Democrats have been facing a mire of obstacles to expanding on it this legislative session.

The Working Parents Act, which brazenly called on businesses to provide paid family leave for up to six weeks, withered on the vine this year. The act would have also cracked down on wage theft and prohibited businesses from using workers' tips to pay their own credit card processing fees.

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