John Nienstedt's anti-gay marriage crusade draws another protest

Two projects have now sprung up to slap "Return to Sender" on Archbishop John Nienstedt's mass mailing of 400,000 anti-gay marriage DVDs to Catholics in the Twin Cities. launched on Monday, after Lucinda Naylor set up DVD to Art the week before.

Nienstedt announced the mailing from the St. Paul Minneapolis Archdiocese last week. The DVDs are produced be the Knights of Columbus, and instruct Catholics to obey church teaching opposed to gay marriage. Nienstedt also calls for a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage as part of the package.

With more poverty and sickness than ever all around these days, ReturnTheDVD spokesman Paul Lipetzky said he believes Nienstedt is getting lost in politics.

"The church does good work" through Catholic Charities and other organizations, he told us today. "But it has never taken such a public stand" against poverty, hunger or homelessness the way it has now with gay marriage. "It is misdirecting scare resources."

To make its point, the six-person organization want to collect as many of the DVDs as possible, and return them to the archbishop with a letter urging him to rethink his priorities -- before Election Day.

They're also going to make a donation to Naylor's project. She's collecting DVDs as raw material for an art installation that challenges Nienstedt's crusade. The former Artist in Residence at the Basilica of St. Mary was suspended over the weekend when she spoke out against the archbishop.

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