John McCain blasts Bachmann for 'sinister, degrading' Muslim Brotherhood fear-mongering [VIDEO]

One reason to like McCain: He keeps it real with Bachmann.
One reason to like McCain: He keeps it real with Bachmann.

-- Bachmann's source for Muslim Brotherhood claim reportedly man Grover Norquist called a 'sick bigot'
-- What Communists were for Joe McCarthy, the Muslim Brotherhood is for Michele Bachmann

Here's some heartening news -- earlier today, John McCain put Michele Bachmann on blast on the Senate floor.

McCain went after Bachmann for her unsubstantiated fear-mongering about the Muslim Brotherhood's alleged "deep penetration" into the U.S. Government. Bachmann has publicly demanded that federal agencies investigate her claims, though it certainly sounds like a horrible use of taxpayer money to us.

One of the federal employees Bachmann singled out is Huma

I have every confidence in Huma's loyalty to our country, and everyone else should as well... All Americans owe Huma a debt of gratitude for her many years of superior public service. I hope these ugly and unfortunate attacks on her can be immediately brought to an end and put behind us before any further damage is done to a woman, an American, of genuine patriotism and love of country.

McCain also characterized Bachmann's McCarty-esque Muslim Brotherhood comments as "unwarranted and unfounded," "sinister," and having "no logic, no basis, and no merit."

Break out the popcorn and watch the footage for yourself:

Makes you kinda wish McCain was the GOPs 2012 presidential candidate rather than that Romney character, doesn't it?

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