John Kriesel, Sen. Sean Nienow Engage in Twitter Warfare Over Vikings Stadium

Kriesel (left) wasn't amused by Nienow's anti-stadium quips.

Kriesel (left) wasn't amused by Nienow's anti-stadium quips.

On Saturday, John Kriesel, a former Republican legislator who was a big supporter of the Vikings stadium bill back in 2012, offered his prediction for Sunday's Vikings game:
-- John Kriesel (@johnkriesel) October 25, 2014 No big deal, right?

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But that seemingly innocuous tweet escalated into a full-blown Twitter war after Sen. Sean Nienow (R-Cambridge) offered this reply: Kriesel, who has engaged in Twitter battles with everybody from Bernard Berrian to Bob Koss to Chris Kluwe, wasn't about to take Nienow's stadium broadside without retaliating. So he went after Nienow for the fact that earlier this year, the fiscally conservative Republican was sued by the federal government for failing to make payments on a $613,000 Small Business Administration loan.

Maybe the #DeliciousBitterIrony hashtag Nienow refers to above would be applicable here as well? Here's the subsequent blow-by-blow: In his final tweet to Kriesel, Nienow tried to downplay the situation with some humor: Perhaps it's an example of why those who dislike glassy taxpayer-funded stadiums shouldn't throw stones, at least in cases where the stone-thrower is a champion of government fiscal responsibility who apparently doesn't practice what he preaches.

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