John Kriesel destroys Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer for "no courage" remark during radio appearance

Kriesel turned Kiffmeyer into his own personal punching bag during a KFAN appearance.

Kriesel turned Kiffmeyer into his own personal punching bag during a KFAN appearance.

Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer, R-Big Lake, still hasn't responded to the firestorm she created last week by saying disabled and decorated war veteran John Kriesel has "no courage."

But Kriesel, a retiring MNGOP Representative from Cottage Grove, isn't pulling any punches in letting people know what he thinks about Kiffmeyer.

During an appearance on Dan Barreiro's KFAN radio show yesterday, Kriesel said he could "care less" about Kiffmeyer, adding that she embodies "the two-faced nature of politics."


Asked whether he'd like to see or talk to Kiffmeyer again, Kriesel said:

I really could care less about Mary Kiffmeyer. I could care less to speak to her again, or if I see her, whatever. My feelings aren't hurt. It just shows the lack of class she has and the two-faced nature of politics, and she's a shining example of that.
Kriesel, who had his legs blown off by a bomb in Iraq in 2006, said that he didn't necessarily interpret Kiffmeyer's remark in light of his war experience.

"I don't think it takes courage to drive over a bomb. I didn't purposefully drive over a bomb and lose my legs," he said. "What I did was no more courageous than what all my other buddies did over there."

He also suggested that if he could do it over again, he might keep the contents of Kiffmeyer's 'no clue and no courage' email to himself.

"I maybe could've taken a higher road, and in hindsight maybe would've treated it a little different myself," he said. "But if that's what makes her feel good, saying stuff like that, then more power to her."

Meanwhile, a call and voice mail left on Kiffmeyer's home phone on Monday still hasn't been returned. Assuming she's still planning to run for the Minnesota Senate this November (our best and brightest!), doesn't Kiffmeyer have to address the Kriesel controversy at some point?