John Kline's political slush fund

Ken Silverstein has an intriguing

Minnesota-related post

over at Washington Babylon. The veteran muckraker delves into a fundraising organization known as the

"Freedom & Security PAC

" that was created in July. Silverstein discovered that the Minnesota-based leadership PAC is the work of

Rep. John Kline

. In fact the treasurer of the Freedom & Security PAC also happens to handle the funds for the 2nd District Congressman's re-election campaign.

Such political action committees are largely unregulated and allow donors to make contributions of up to $5,000. Politicians then use the funds to ladle out cash to the campaigns of political allies.

Silverstein makes the case that the Freedom & Security PAC is substantially funded by companies who benefited from a Kline co-sponsored bill that reduced pension obligations for some businesses. Corporations such as Northwest Airlines and United Postal Service achieved significant savings through the 2006 legislation. According to federal filings, in August UPS spent $2,750 to throw a fundraiser for the Congressman's newly created slush fund. So far the PAC has raised roughly $43,000.

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