John Kline, District 2 congressman and Obama foe, has seat at health care negotiations


Minnesota GOP congressman John Kline will be one of the lawmakers in the room today when President Barack Obama convenes Democratic and Republican lawmakers for a negotiation over health care reform. (Watch it live here.)

"We're hoping to have a real bipartisan discussion," he told Fox News. But I've got to tell you I'm pretty disappointed, because the starting point seems to be the president taking the 2,700 pages of legislative text that passed the Senate and making some minor tweaks."

Kline, an outspoken conservative who pillories the president as a socialist every chance he gets, says he wants the negotiations to start with a "blank piece of paper."

We assume he's means the blank piece of paper left behind by the Republicans in the White House, House and Senate who failed to tackle the issue even though they ran Washington together for six years.